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How Does HVAC Work in Commercial Buildings and What Ways to Maintain Them

You’re probably at home and enjoying the cool air coming from your HVAC unit which is sitting on the side of the house and you wonder if this tiny unit can also cool down an entire building. Well, residential and commercial HVAC systems are entirely different things. As a stand-alone unit, residential HVAC systems can only cater to the needs of a single-family home while for a commercial HVAC system, the unit is much larger and more complex since it can cool down or warm up entire buildings. Ask an AC company Palm Bay Fl on the best HVAC unit either for residential or commercial use.

HVAC systems are typically part of commercial buildings such as hospitals, malls, hotels, office buildings, schools, and restaurants. They can help in regulating the temperature and air quality inside the whole building to create a more comfortable environment for the people inside. Imagine if an office building did not have an HVAC system, the people working there would either get too hot in the summer or freeze in the winter. Thus, having an HVAC in good working condition is crucial.

The Mechanics of Commercial Building HVAC

So, how do commercial building HVAC systems work? As the air needs to circulate in the whole building, commercial building HVAC systems are composed of interconnected systems that can provide the cooling, heating, and ventilation needs of each individual floor and room. In this case, it includes heat pumps that extract heat from air or water and there is a water source heat pump that contains pipes that carry the water throughout the whole building. If you noticed, HVAC systems in commercial buildings are typically located on the rooftop or side of the buildings and have different pipes connected to them.

 It depends on what the building needs but there are types of HVAC systems used for commercial buildings such as the CAV and VAV system, VRV or VRF system, and Split AC system. No matter what type of HVAC the building uses, it is important that weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance and checking are done to ensure that the system is working properly as it will not affect only one person but an entire building. This is particularly crucial for hospitals that have patients who need a stable temperature. 

The Maintenance of Commercial HVAC System

Some of the ways to maintain a commercial HVAC system is for the commercial HVAC’s air filters to be replaced or cleaned regularly to prevent dust, dirt, and other small debris from clogging the system and restricting airflow which in turn, uses more energy. Aside from the air filters, the AC evaporator and condenser coils should be cleaned at least once a year to keep the air clean and prevent molds and fungi from accumulating in that area. Preventive maintenance is more tedious in commercial buildings unlike residential homes as buildings are much larger and more complex in terms of design and function. In this case, it is important that you should only trust professionals and experts in making sure that your commercial building is well taken care of by a reputable AC company Palm Bay Fl.

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